Auckland Level 3 – Sunday 28th February 2021

Before the lockdown, we took steps to minimise health risks to both customers and our employees by sanitising our entire workplace every morning and after each customer entered our premises. We are also adhering to the 2 metre distancing rule and have had our workspaces rearranged so we are self-isolated within our work areas.

Same as NZ’s previous Level 3, our showrooms are closed to customers but you can still have your orders processed through one of the following ways:

  1. Order directly from your local branch via phone or email, our contact-less system will be available at each store.
  2. Order online via our website, options are nationwide courier or click and collect using our contact-less system at one our our branches.

When dropping off an item, once you reach our carpark we ask for you to give us a call so we are aware you are leaving something at our store door. If you are picking up your order, please give us a call prior to your arrival and we will leave your order outside the door. You will be required to answer a couple questions regarding your order before picking up for identification.

Take care and stay well. We’ve done it once, we can do it again!